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Customer Reviews for Cat and Nat

9 Customer reviews


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Disgusting attempt at comedy

Kossy One. from Vancouver, B.C.
11th November 2023

If you have any sense of class, stay away from this kind of trashy entertainment. Beyond vulgar, beyond potty mouth. If these two are the new role models for the younger generation, heaven help us. I am all for sisterhood, so that is the reason for the one star, a gathering of women for women. But beyond that their performance merits a zero rating.

Cat & Nat are CLUELESS

Jen B. from Seattle, Washington
13th November 2023

They need to stick to what got them where they are. Sharing funny stories about their lives as wives and mothers instead of parading around on stage in short dresses looking like call girls! I had no idea I was going to a strip club… one with bad audio and sleazy looking guys. Have some class. Talk about stuff that matters to your audience and make them laugh! Instead, you bought into the whole “Sex Sells” mantra and paraded around the stage in short skirts, drinking like lushes and talking about anal sex and blow jobs. When you are intelligent and witty, and have something to say that people want to hear, you don’t have to resort to over-the-top, raunchy conversations about sex. If the audience had to agree on 1 word to describe Cat and Nat Unfiltered it would definitely be DISSAPOINTING! Don’t waste your time or money on this show.

Vulgar and a waste of time

Jessie B. from Toronto, Ontario
24th September 2023

Hated this show. Major disappointment.


Rina from Calgary, Alberta
2nd April 2023

This wasn’t what I expected & felt disconnected from the mom & women conversations that I enjoy so much from these two. The entire show was focused around sex conversation including a strip show with an audience member. This was not only far from making me feel empowered & free & ready to embrace life & made me wonder ‘what am I doing here?’ and ‘this feels uncomfortable.’ Come on Kat & Nat….. you can do better.

What a waste of time!

Denise T. from Toronto, Ontario
16th May 2023

What a disappointment! I thought I was coming for a light hearted podcast style show, but this was the most boring, irrelevant crapshoot of 2 hours I can never get back. Playing blaring music from an annoying dj on stage while the hosts drank and showed dinky powerpoint slides was not worth the cash. Left early along with most of my row. Stick to what you're good at with relatable content then trying so hard to relive your 20s. Embarassing :(


Elllie from Toronto, Ontario
18th May 2023

Went to show on May 15, 2023. At least 3/4 of the show was pretend drunk dancing by Cat and Nat. Also a fan who has cancer supported by her friends (which was nice), host's mothers, a woman dancing , 3 guys strip dancing, the guy announcing I think named Romeo and fireworks and maybe 20 minutes of Cat and Nat actually performing. What a rip off. Not funny, not worth it. Maybe stick to your original formula because if you carry on this way no one will come to see you.